Quality ACQ Decking in Auckland

Exclusive to Western ITM is ACQ Decking – Arsenic and Chrome free! A proven, durable alternative to our traditional CCA treatment it is treated with Alkaline Copper Quaternary. Tried and tested globally for over a decade and complete with a 50-year treatment warranty.

What is ACQ Decking?

Alkaline Copper Quaternary is a clear treatment for pine decking timber which acts as an eco-friendly alternative to other decking timbers which use chromium or arsenic. When you use ACQ timber for your decking project, there will be no danger of any toxic treatments leaching out of the timber into the environment around you. This creates a pine timber that boasts similar advantages to hardwoods, bringing pine back into mainstream decking construction.

All of the ACQ decking you’ll find instore at Western ITM is produced from Sustainable and Renewable New Zealand Radiata Pine and approved for use in New Zealand Standard NZS3640 for use in Hazard Class application H3.2. This means that when you purchase ACQ decking timber from one of our Auckland stores, you can rest assured knowing you’re making the ethical choice for your construction project, and supporting local New Zealand pine growers.

Appearance of ACQ Decking

Initially ACQ Decking has a greenish appearance; this will weather to a honey brown colour before fading to a driftwood grey after exposure to the elements. ACQ treated timber can be painted or stained to match most outdoor colour schemes. Always follow the paint manufacturer’s recommendations.

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