Our Extensive Timber Decking at Western ITM offers hardwood and pine decking options that will maintain their aesthetic appeal for decades to come

All our pine decking undergoes H3.2 treatment, safeguarding it against insect infestation and decay. Western ITM offers premium pine decking, ensuring that your decking project benefits from only the highest-quality timber.

Premium Grade
Our premium pine decking offers a consistently smooth and attractive surface, unlike standard decking, which may have irregularities. Premium pine decking has fewer knots, imperfections and discolorations, and it features a convenient grip tread surface and smooth sides.

Our stores carry two width options and thicknesses:
100mm x 25mm and 100mm x 40mm
140mm x 25mm and 140mm x 25mm

From time to time Western also carry dressing and merch grade. Please contact us to enquire about stock availability of these.

We offer a Duo of Affordable, High-Quality Hardwood Timber Decking Choices…

This robust hardwood boasts a naturally vibrant red hue that gracefully weathers to an attractive grey patina over time. It features a grip tread surface on one side for enhanced safety and a smooth finish on the other for a refined look.

Available in two versatile sizes:
100 x 25mm
150 x 25mm

Vitex timber boasts a captivating natural color, easy installation, exceptional strength, and a Durability Rating of 2, ensuring it endures outdoors for up to 40 years.

Available in a single size:
150 x 25mm

For product or pricing inquiries, please contact your local Western ITM Store. To reach our Trade Team directly, use the following contact information: