NEW High performance, high powered
Gasless Nailers

Hitachi’s innovative Air Drive Gasless Nailer
technology delivers consistent power and
drive with the benefit of immense cost
savings over the life of the tool.
🔸 No gas. No compressor. Low running cost.
🔸 18V Air Drive System, nails driven deep by compressed
🔸Powered by Hitachi’s ultra-fast brushless motor.
🔸Low running costs, no gas cartridge required.
🔸No regular cleaning or servicing required, significantly
reducing cost of maintenance.
🔸Zero ramp-up time from standby.
🔸Consistent performance and power output.
🔸Tool-less drive depth adjuster.
🔸Dry-fire lockout function stops the nailer from being
fired when nail levels are low.
🔸Low noise and low recoil, making it safer and more
comfortable to use.
🔸Powered by Hitachi’s standard 18V battery system.
🔸Bright LED light.

18V Gasless Angled Finishing Nailer 65mm 15G*
#NT1865DBAL(GX) - 3Ah Kit #NT1865DBALNN – Skin

18V Gasless Brad Nailer 65mm 16G*
#NT1865DBSL(GX) – 3Ah Kit #NT1865DBSLNN – Skin

18V Gasless Framing Nailer 90mm*
# NR1890DBCL(GX) - 3Ah Kit

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