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LBP Relicensing

Every year, the Registrar makes contact with you about a month prior to your licence ID card expiring to ensure that you wish to remain licensed.


You will be asked to:

• Confirm your details shown on the public register
• Confirm that you are still working in the industry
• Pay the licence renewal fee and scheme levy of $239.00.

Submit your application

You can Login to the portal here. This is the fastest, easiest and most integrated method to maintain your information.

Renew your License on paper

LBP relicensing form.

If you have supplied an email address the Registrar will contact you via email.

Every second year you are also required to ensure that you show the Registrar that you have met your Skills Maintenance obligations.

Skills Maintenance has information on how to show the Registrar that you have met your obligations.

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