LBP Record Keeping

We know that recording your LBP points can be stressful and time consuming. That’s why ITM have created the ITM App for Builders. It’s the easiest and simplest tool available to help you keep up with your LBP licence requirements.

In the ‘MY LBP’ section of the App you can:
• Add Activity - things like dates, hours spent on activities, upload pictures as evidence and more.
• View Activity Log – review any activity you have logged and see how many LBP points you have earned.
• Read Codewords – compulsory reading for all LBP’s. Just read and add to your log with the click of a button!
• Learn how LBP Works – find out what you must do to keep your LBP Licence active.
• Generate your Log – with the click of a button have your log emailed to you as a PDF to satisfy MBIE that you’ve completed your LBP Licence requirements.

Download the ITM App now from the App Store.

You can also keep your details up to date by logging into the LBP portal and adding activities as you do them. This means that you can renew your licence whenever you're ready, as long as you've done the number of activities required for your licence class.

You can record your points in a diary and then complete the ‘record of skills maintenance’ form or you can use the online system provided by MBIE.

If you submit the skills maintenance points you have earned to date, shortly after the first-year ends, you can earn one bonus point (you can only get 1 bonus point over the 2-year period).

The DBH also recommends that you keep evidence of your learning, for example the front cover of the magazine or a seminar attendance certificate.