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All three of our West Auckland based Stores stock a wide range of plywood used in construction applications

Including: structural, interior/exterior cladding, roofing, flooring and fencing

We stock plywood in either untreated or H3.2 CCA or H3.1 LOSP treated grades, to suit indoor and outdoor applications. These are available in CD and DD grades, in 2.4-metre sheets and range in thickness from 7-25mm. Our Whenuapai outlet also stocks Marine plywood.

If you’re after something that we haven’t mentioned above (a different grade, thickness or length), we can get it in for you.

Choosing the right plywood for your job

Interior Plywood
This type is made for interior use only, and is generally used in places where exposure to moisture is minimal, e.g. furniture, wall sheathing, cabinetry, etc. Interior plywood is available in most grades.

Exterior Plywood
By far, much more sturdier and moisture-resistant than interior plywood, this type can be used outdoors. Like its interior counterpart, it also comes in various grades – CD and DD are widely available.

All structural Plywood is certified to standard AS/NZS 2269.

Marine Plywood
Marine plywood is a premium quality plywood made of selected wood species based on density, bending strength, impact resistance and surface finish characteristics. Manufactured with an A-grade sanded surface face on both sides, as per the BS1088 standard, with no core gaps and a permanent waterproof A-bond glue. Marine Plywood is perfect for boat and yacht construction and marine applications. However, is not suitable for exterior applications.

Plywood Grades
Plywood veneers for general purposes are graded from A grade being the top clear grade to D grade being the bottom or lowest. B grade is slightly lower than A. C grade has any knots, splits, etc filled and is then sanded. D grade can have open knots and splits on the sanded face.

The face grade of plywood is always the first designated (all faces are sanded and the back un-sanded):
BD has a B grade front and a D grade back
CD has a C grade face and a D grade back
DD has two D grade faces

Grade Characteristics
B High-quality surface suitable for staining
C Appearance grade with a solid face, suitable for painting
D Non-appearance grade with permitted defects

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In addition to our quality supply of plywood, we also stock GIB® plasterboard. Filling all your building needs, visit a Western ITM store today in West Auckland or Waitekere.

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