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Record & Submit your LBP activities online

You need to keep a record of any skills maintenance activities you do during each 2-year skills maintenance period. You have to complete all the activities needed for each license class you hold before you can renew it.

You can keep your details up to date by logging into the LBP portal and adding activities as you do them. This means that you can renew your license whenever you're ready, as long as you've done the number of activities required for your license class.

Submit your details online

The fastest and easiest way to submit your skills maintenance record is through the portal. You can submit your record and renew your license at the same time as you do it online.

You’ll need to show that you’ve completed all your skills maintenance activities. This includes:
• The mandatory Codewords/LBP Knowledge Link articles that you’ve read
• Your 2 examples of on-the-job learning, and
• The elective activities you completed.

Submit an online diary through the LBP portal

You may prefer to keep a record of your skills maintenance activities somewhere else online. This could be on another website or in an app, for example. If so, you can upload a copy of your completed skills maintenance record to the LBP portal and submit it at the same time you renew your license. You can upload a PDF or jpg copy of:

  • A completed skills maintenance document provided to you by a third party website or app, or
  • A paper version you’ve completed yourself.

It’s your responsibility to make sure you’ve carried out enough skills maintenance activities — and recorded details of them — even if you do it somewhere other than in the LBP portal.

Record & Submit your LBP activities online here.


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