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Supply & Instal Solutions

Taking on multiple jobs as a builder can be challenging, at Western ITM we offer a supply and install services for Heating, Cooling and Insulation.
Our vetted contractors have a proven track record in their field of work , having an expert resource for consultation on projects is also an added advantage.
Economically makes sense - Your focus can be concentrated on areas of the project that need your attention, while the professionals take care of the rest.

Heating and Cooling Professionals

• Qualified Specialists heat pump / AC installers
• Outstanding onsite customer service
• Quality high performing brands with market beating ITM rates
• Western ITM Developer Series* offer, min 5 unit system order qualifies you for a further discount.

With feedback like this, you know you are in good hands… “10 out of 10... great communication, knowledgeable and diligent installation team, job done in one day
Peter Cossey Director Assure Build


From start to finish the professionals have you covered…

• Pre-Pipe Works
• Out Door installed units
• In Door Installed units