LBP – Licensed Building Practitioners

There have been a lot of changes recently with the introduction of the Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP) Programme into the New Zealand Building Industry. This is a significant change and one that affects the Building & Construction Industry and the public who are looking to use their services.

Western ITM are here to support you with your Licensing requirements. We offer an annual Builders Breakfast along with several training seminars each year. We also provide 6 issues of the ITM Building Business Magazine. These events collectively enable our builders to earn the essential points needed to maintain their license in their chosen profession.

For information on how to Record your LBP Clinics, Reading etc. please visit our LBP Record Keeping page. To view any of our upcoming LBP events please visit our Events page.

Minimum Requirements



The current Skills Maintenance framework is based on the system of '1 hour is worth 1 point'. LBPs can claim points for any training or learning activity they undertake, provided it relates to their licence.

You can earn Skills Maintenance points by reading our Free Bi-monthly Trade Magazine –
Building Business. 1 hour of reading = 1 LBP point, so make sure Building Business is a part of your LBP Skills Maintenance Programme. This Magazine is stacked with articles covering key issues. We look at new products, legislation changes and of course keep you up to date with what’s going on with the ITM Fishing Show and the ITM Auckland Supersprint.

To sign up to our free bi-monthly magazine or to download a copy please click here.

If your skills maintenance period ends before 2 November 2017 then you are in the current (or existing) skills maintenance programme, for information on your obligations, please visit Current Skills Maintenance Programme.

If your skills maintenance period ends after 2 November 2017 then you are in the new skills maintenance programme, for information on your obligations, please visit New Skills Maintenance Programme.

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Product Warranty and Maintenance Information for LBP's

As a builder you are required to provide homeowners with Maintenance, Guarantee and Warranty Information as part of the new Building Act Requirements which have been effective since 1 January 2016. For more information please click here.

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